New album "Paper Monsters" available now!

The wait is over! Traumatisme’s sixth album Paper Monsters is finally available today!
You can now listen to it in its entirety on Traumatisme’s YouTube channel, and/or download the full album for free at his Bandcamp page, where you can also read the lyrics to each song!
The CD edition is strictly limited to 100 copies and only available from this website at this location!

For the possible uninitiated souls discovering Traumatisme's music, please keep in mind that this album is total D.I.Y. It was recorded at home, with nothing more than a guitar, a bass guitar, old keyboards, a computer and inexperienced vocal chords with a bad French accent. Please be very indulgent and open-minded while listening. If not, please listen to something else and/or go to hell. You have been warned!
In every case, don’t forget to play the album LOUD!