TRAUMATISME was brought to life sometime late 2005. The next three years saw the writing of countless songs and the recording of several demos, which helped to establish a confidential but faithful following of Traumaniacs from all around the world, nicknamed the FREAK ARMY. During this whole time, TRAUMATISME already experiments with his sound and image, anticipating the constant reinvention he will challenge himself with through the years.

The debut single "LEATHER IS OUR FUTURE/THINK PINK LIKE A FREAK", recorded with then UNDERCOVER SLUT guitarist DIVINE, was released in October 2008. The CD was pressed to 1000 copies, and the song "LEATHER IS OUR FUTURE" was featured on the sampler CD of the now defunct French magazine ROCK ONE MAG.

March 2009 saw the release of TRAUMATISME's long awaited first album "HORRORWOOD ROCKS!", once again recorded with DIVINE, who also provided additional lead guitar on several tracks. The album is filled with party-in-a-graveyard anthems and mindless glam punk songs with a cartoonish twist, as evidenced by the booklet's illustrations created by DEVILO DEATH. The album's lead single "BEVERLY KILLS (ON THE SUNSET GRAVEYARD)" was once again featured on ROCK ONE MAG's sampler CD.

In August 2009, TRAUMATISME posed as a model for SKEEZO HELLMADE CLOTHING, a now defunct French D.I.Y. clothing line run by his longtime friend SO SKEEZO, who is also responsible for several TRAUMATISME photo sessions.

TRAUMATISME went one step further with his sophomore album "HORRORWOOD ROCKS! 2", released in September 2010. Harder, heavier and sleazier than its predecessor, the album was for the last time recorded and mixed by DIVINE, whereas the CD's booklet is once again filled with illustrations by DEVILO DEATH.

From the outside, 2011 was mostly a year of silence for TRAUMATISME. But there were a few shifts behind the scenes that were about to cement TRAUMATISME's position as an independent D.I.Y. artist once and for all.

TRAUMATISME returned in April 2012 with his third monsterpiece "TWO HEADS ARE BETTER THAN ONE", an eclectically twisted yet cathartic lo-fi conceptual album. It was for the first time produced, recorded, mixed and performed in its entirety by TRAUMATISME himself with no outside help, and such would be the case for every album from this point forward.

The first ever TRAUMATISME music video "IT'S A WONDERFUL AFTERLIFE", directed by TRAUMATISME himself just as all of his subsequent videos, was released the following May and soon became a permanent fixture on French television channel NOLIFE. A music video for the song "GHOST HIGHWAY" was released in August.

Only a few months later, TRAUMATISME came back with "PSYCHO BEACH NIGHTMARE" (released in February 2013), an even more varied and personal album. Once again created from start to finish by TRAUMATISME, the record mixed different sounds and atmospheres, including bittersweet surf music, cartoonish electro-rock and candy-flavored synth-pop. Three music videos were filmed for the songs "CRUEL SCUMMER" (March 2013), "DARK SIDE OF THE MOOD" (September 2013) and "THE CANDYMAN" (February 2014), the former being broadcasted permanently on NOLIFE as well.

In February 2014, TRAUMATISME has recorded a new version of the song "LIVING DEAD WORLD" (originally from "HORRORWOOD ROCKS!") as a short instrumental piece, which was featured in PRESS ST'ART HORROR SHOW, an amateur web show dedicated to horror video games.

In November 2014, TRAUMATISME unleashed his fifth album "WEIRDOPHRENIA", his bleakest and most mature effort to date. This time, the sound leaned towards post-punk, gothic rock and eerie new wave, whereas the lyrics were more venomous than ever before. 

Five music videos were filmed, for the songs "MORGUE IS VOGUE" (November 2014), "SUPERSTAR FIEND" (March 2015), "CLOCKWORK LULLABY" (September 2015), “HUMOR TUMOR” (August 2016) and “TEENAGE RADIO HELL” (October 2016). The “CLOCKWORK LULLABY” video was featured in the October 2015 "BURTON VOUS INSPIRE" column on TIM-BURTON.NET, a French fan site dedicated to the quirky filmmaker, whose art and movies have been a major influence on TRAUMATISME's work.

TRAUMATISME returned in May 2017 with the sixth chapter of his musical diary, the aptly titled "PAPER MONSTERS". Introduced by opening song and video single "NEVER-NEVER LAND", the album is a collection of striking but introspective and intimate rockers. Two additional music videos were created, for the songs "BLUE MELANCHOLY" (October 2017) and "PENDULUM HEART" (February 2018).

In March 2018, TRAUMATISME's complete discography was finally made available on all the main streaming platforms worldwide (SPOTIFY, DEEZER, iTUNES, AMAZON MUSIC and many more), a necessary evil allowing TRAUMATISME to put one step into the digital age (all albums were only available on CD and on his YOUTUBE channel up until then).

In October 2019, ten years after the release of his debut album and after a series of more somber efforts, TRAUMATISME released his seventh album "SUPERSTITCHES", his brightest, shortest and most powerful record to date. Three music videos have been made for the songs "CROWN OF THE CLOWN" (October 2019), "GHOUL NEXT DOOR" (October 2020) and "FUN IN FUNERAL" (October 2021).