Traumatisme's full catalog available for streaming!

Finally! Traumatisme has succumbed to one of the necessary evils of the 21th century: all albums are now available on all the main streaming platforms, such as iTunes, Deezer, Spotify, Amazon MP3 and many more. You can now listen to Traumatisme's full discography online anywhere in the world and at any moment, by using the streaming device of your choice!

Please remember you can also download all the albums for free at Traumatisme's Bandcamp page, and listen to them freely on his YouTube channel. And for people who still cherish physical supports (does this species still exist?), you can also support Traumatisme by grabbing his albums on CD from the store at this location.

Check out the Releases page for direct links to each album and to each platform. Fangs to everyone supporting Traumatisme and D.I.Y. artists!

Traumatisme presents "Pendulum Heart" music video!

The clock is ticking! Watch the sepia-toned music video for the song Pendulum Heart, the third and final video single from Traumatisme's latest album Paper Monsters, which was released last May. The video was as usual directed, edited and performed by Traumatisme.

It is not too late to remind: Paper Monsters is available as a free download from Traumatisme's Bandcamp page, and you can listen to it in its entirety at Traumatisme's YouTube channel. The limited CD edition is still available from the online store. Click here to order your copy!

Enjoy the Pendulum Heart video below!

Traumatisme releases "Blue Melancholy" music video!

You have an appointment with Death! Meet the Grim Reaper in Traumatisme's new music video for the song Blue Melancholy. As always, the video was self-directed by Traumatisme in a total D.I.Y. fashion.

Blue Melancholy is the second single and video from Traumatisme's latest album Paper Monsters, which is available now. You can listen to the full album on Traumatisme's YouTube channel, and/or download it for free from the official Bandcamp page. You can also order the limited edition CD only from the online store. Click here to grab your copy!

Paint some colors on your mind, and watch the Blue Melancholy music video below. And remember to subscribe to Traumatisme's YouTube channel to keep yourself updated with future videos!