Greetings to all Monsters, Maniacs and Freaks of the Universe, and welcome to the wonderfully weird, fabulously freaky and completely crazy psychodelicious world of France's infamous D.I.Y. Rock Monster, TRAUMATISME.

Coming from a faraway planet, the puny little human being once known as NICOLAS TIFAGNE took a long time ago the rather unwise decision to create his own Rock and Roll oddity, bringing to life the lifelong twisted dream he promised himself to never forget. To achieve his divine mission, keeping the spirit of his mentor alive, the late EDWARD D. WOOD JR., he has fully dedicated himself to embrace his own madness, becoming the ultimate embodiment of the "Do It Yourself" ethos by pushing it to its very limits. Alone and against all corners, he pulls the strings of his progeny all by himself, writing his own songs, recording his own albums, directing his own music videos and creating his own artwork to wrap everything up.

Influenced by Shock Rock heroes such as ALICE COOPER, ROB ZOMBIE, GLENN DANZIG, WEDNESDAY 13 and MARILYN MANSON to name a few, TRAUMATISME is a vampire sucking the blood out of his favorite musical insanities such as horror punk, deathrock and glam metal with anthemic choruses, complete with sounds coming straight from an old macabre film soundtrack, and injecting everything together into his own devilishly catchy numbers. Out of time and out of fashion, this self-taught multi-instrumentalist writes the diary of his personal journey, telling tongue-in-cheek stories that range from self-empowerment tirades to alienation accounts, from cheesy B movie-inspired lyrics to frightening tales about the real horrors of everyday life, exorcising at the same time the many skeletons that are hiding inside his closet, and laying them down to rest upon a customized musical hybrid dictated by its creator's wild mood swings.

The blonde-Mohawked freak returned in 2017 with “PAPER MONSTERS”, the long awaited sixth chapter of his self-released discography. Introduced by video singles “NEVER-NEVER LAND”, "BLUE MELANCHOLY" and "PENDULUM HEART", the album is filled with nearly fifty minutes of melody-driven cathartic rock and roll from the morgue, as usual 100% D.I.Y. and produced, composed, recorded and performed entirely by yours truly.

These nine infectious tunes lyrically invoke the spirit of TRAUMATISME’s inner demons, to end up dancing hand in hand with them. As with all of his previous releases, this is a record made with no budget, no boundaries, and most importantly, no compromise; a true labor of love and passion from the true alien that is TRAUMATISME, who lives and breathes for his unapologetic art. Will you dare to listen?

TRAUMATISME is currently crafting his seventh album, to be released in 2019. In the meantime, watch out for more music, albums, videos and other deadly little things coming straight from the demented mind of TRAUMATISME!